The Sound Journey to chaOrder


We are delighted to kick-off Full Moon Circle this October 27.

These gatherings are safe spaces for creative meditations and multi-sensory sound baths designed to induce states of self-realization and self-love.

An explosion of light, colors, scents and sounds is here to take you on a journey through an interplay of natural elements and forces.

For the first edition, we will unite in a meditation around the kinetic sculpture “ chaOrder Reflect “ of studio FlolO followed by a full-body sound bath by Sofia Kaloterakis.

The meditation by studio FlolO is a personal journey through the themes of chaOs, Order and chaOrde. It’s a new form of meditation that not only takes place within yourself but also in the physical world around you and together with the art installation chaOrder Reflect.

Sofia will bring her magic instruments to create some healing and transforming frequencies.

With the meditation and the sound bath you will hopefully connect with your true self within the themes of chaOs Order and chaOrder ✨

* No experience needed