10 June Tickets
10 June tickets

 June 10th ∆ in THE OTHER SIDE  – Amsterdam

Rigakade 10

22:00 – 05:00

Get ready for Watdajel Festival in THE OTHER SIDE,  some incredible electronic ethnic music and the best of South America’s DJ’s is coming to Amsterdam … and while dancing you’re also supporting sustainability initiatives.

We are existed to announce DJ’s CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO  and KALEEMA  and a resident of the other side; TRIPPIN JAGUAR

During the event there will be a very nice sustainability expo area with art and performance, where visitors can fancy themselves in a another space and create some positive awareness.



Sustainability is not an option, it’s an urgent need! That’s why we want to create some positive awareness with our events! 

By making sustainable choices and embracing eco-friendly solutions such as recyclable cubs and inviting green artists and influencers, we can promote responsible natural resource use.

Our event collaborate with the organization Trees for All, which plants new forests worldwide, restoring degraded forests. 9,3 billion trees planted and counting.

Belle & Co, the greenest modeling and content agency, will also join us with their green models and influencers. They do things differently and making sustainability the only option.

Let’s make awareness together to drive change and build a better world!