26 nov 2022


1:00 pm - 11:00 pm



Kosmische Festival

Het Watdajel festival is een event met een breed scala aan artiesten en kunst. Performance art, spoken word, moderne dans, theater, acrobatiek, fotografie en beeldende kunst. Het open karakter van dit festival zorgt ervoor dat de wereld van de kunst makkelijk toe te treden is.

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CATA.PIRATA dj set @musicatapirata
She comes with a new show as a dj. You can expect an explosive TropicalBass and Caribbean New Wave, singing and an extravagant and strong dance performance from this PIRATA!


EL BÚHO  @el_buho_music
His music mixes with organic sounds from nature and Latin American folk music. He takes you on a beautiful melodic journey full of claps, flutes, harps, tweets, hoots and leaves.


SIRENA ASTRAL @sirena_astral_
Sirene Astral, an artist from Spain, is coming to Utrecht for the Watdajel Festival. She will be performing her latest release for the first time. Be sure to check out her ethereal singing!


SHARE  @share.musica
Makes good vibrations with her energetic down tempo sets. She is one of the new festival sounds of the moment and has already played several festivals this year such as Wildeburg and Soundscapes Zanzibar in Tanzania.


ANTHONI LOGOS @anthonilogos
Uplifts your consciousness with mystical audio-visual experiences. It is music for your soul to dance and to grow.


TERENCE GOODMANN @terence_music
His groovy music is often about being together and spreading joy and love. He is inspired by the night, searching for yourself and the inner world. You can describe his music as pop and soul in an electronic jacket.


AVA LAVÁ @avalavaa_
The playful appearance of Ava Lavá makes her a joy to watch and listen to. With influences from Jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul and her creative playing, she makes you curious for more.

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